SKERK OGRADE 2021 / 0.75L

SKERK OGRADE 2021 / 0.75L

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Year: 2021

Wine type: White macerated - Amber/Orange 

Varietal composition: 25% Malvazija, 25% Pinot Grigio, 25% Vitovska, 25% Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Friuli Veneto, Italy.
Soil: clay and sandstone, Terra Rossa.
Harvest: Hand-picked, second week of September.
Farming: organic
Vinification: Maceration without temp. control for 8-10 days in big open Vats, interlinked with spontaneous fermentation using only wild-indigenous  yeast, aging for 24 months, no fining, no filtration.
SO2 addition: none or minimum 
Residual sugar: dry
Alcohol: 12.5 % vol
Bottle: 0.75 L
Serving temperature: 8-12 °C
Mood: Elegant, GlouGlou.
Winemaker: Sandi Skerk.
A decidedly old-school macerated white, made the way it always used to be 
- this is simply the way Škerk work with their white grapes in this part of Friuli. The Pinot Grigio in the blend gives this wine a purple tint to the amber tones - it's all incredibly dense and complex. Concentrated citrus peel, jasmine tea, marmalade andalmonds all swirl and intertwine, a year in barrel before bottling wrapes it all up in a creamy sort of richness. A real must - superstar wine!